Sep 14, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Yulia Susanti

I think this is the first time I interviewed a female paper model designer and her name is Yulia Susanti. Single at the age of 25 she already bring new color to paper model design in Indonesia, especially Urban Paper Toy. On the above picture you can see one of her design "Diamond Queen" that was recently showed at Colours Attack exhibition in London . 

First time she built a paper model was a Drum Set from Canon Creative Park. She told me that she was amazed by the way the pedal that can move.After she resigned form her old job in early 2010 she began this hobby and talking about her masterpiece in building paper model was Drum Set and Santa's Home all  in A5 Paper version.

She began to learned about paper model design in mid of 2010 by making Graduation Paper Toy. She admit it that her first intention because she wanted to sell the souvenir made by paper. She loved it because it's unique and can be customized. After that she also learned from other paper toy master in Indonesia.

Her greatest achievement was her design can participate in an exhibition overseas. And the list was :
1.Custom Papertoy Ecko Clothing by Nick Knite  at Berlin'Germany
2.Paper toy show in OK,Linz, Austria a project by Marko Zubak. 
3.Colours Attack Exhibition at London.
She win an online competition and picked by a special jury.

She already spread papercraft virus to all her friends and relatives. But till now only her niece and nephew that interested in this hobby, she said it was like a playing ground if they saw many papercraft in her house.
Last but not least you can follow her paper toy design in her blog at   Joel -J2. So keep the spirit sister and you will find that you are not alone in this lovely hobby.