Sep 18, 2011

PeRI Charity Event @ KJD

On September 18 2011, PeRI held it's first Charity Event at Kandang Jurank Doank (KJD) in Ciputat area. The purpose of this event that to show that our community is not just for high class or profit oriented. I myself help this event by giving some paper model tools and materials. We get NO PAID for this event, all is for FREE and for the beneficiary of the people surrounding KJD.

FYI KJD was founded by Dik Doank, a famed multi talented artist who wants to make better education and to teach good learning for those who poor surrounding his home. KJD is basically his home that he wants to share to the whole world without no boundaries between the poor and the rich and welcome to all kinds of peolpes from multicultural race and background.

Many thanks for Dik Doank for this event and also to PeRI team who supported (Antho.Aryo Fitrianto,Roy Jalo,Fajar Kurniawan and Christopher Ryan ). May GOD bless upon you giving and hopes will spread more love about paper model to the people.

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