Sep 9, 2011

Photo Report : AIESEC Cultural Camp 2011

Participant from Vietnam with Sheriff Woody Paper Model and Punakawan Paper toy series.

 In above picture shows you how many participants in this event.

The famous Punakawan Paper Toy series from Salazad.

One of the rare paper model : Elpiji 3 KG and Public Phone

PeRI Bandung member Gilang Bhaskara with the lucky participants that received special Door Prize.
A book by Faisal Azad (Salazad) on Paper Toy and Traditional Indonesian Stories.

Many thanks for all PeRI Bandung member that helped in the event and especially Gilang Bhaskara for the photos and also one of the participants from Vietnam that allows them  to published here. AIESEC Cultural Camp 2011 was held on July 23rd 2011, and hopefully it will spread paper model virus not just in Indonesia but also through all the countries in ASEAN community.

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