Oct 8, 2011

GP03 Dendrobium Stamen Paper Model

In the Universal Century time line from Mobile Suit Gundam universe there is one of the most fearful Mobile Suit Armor ever deployed in the space battle field. It's name was GP03D Dendrobium Stamen/Orchis. If you want to built this model in HG (High Grade) plastic model from Bandai, well you can prepare your self for more than 3 million rupiahs (or around USD 400) . And that's a very expensive prices, not including all the paint and base after you built the plastic model.

Or you can simply built it in paper model form, and I have just the proper link provided by gunime.blogspot.com in here. So how about that for a nice bargain indeed, and I can assure you this model will cost lower than previous plastic model that I mention earlier. So do please enjoy and have fun while building it.

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