Oct 2, 2011

Photo Report : PERI @ IDS Event "Motivakids"

On October 1st 2011, PeRI have been invited by International Design School (IDS) to attend "Motivakids". An event that will help parents to develop their kids creativity.

 Guess who in this Scout Trooper custom ? A hint from me, he is the founder of paper-replika.com.

Our booth at the event. That handsome SINANJU model is built by Beta Antoni. Thumbs up for the clean built brother.

PeRI team that showed up and made the event success. I don't know all the name because there are new members that participate in the event. But I do recognize Booby and Imam in the picture.

Thanks for RAUF who became almost a single fighter preparing this event. and all photos credit goes to RAUF also.

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