Oct 19, 2011

PeRI Malang at Papertoys, Book and Techno festival 2011


Meet Muhammad Alvian Ghurry from PeRI Malang that helped to spread papercraft virus at his hometown, Semarang. From 10 till 12 October 2011 along with Politeknik Negeri Malang and co sponsored by MATOS (Malang Town Square),TOGAMAS,  TISERA and ELFARA FM., he opened a papercraft booth representing PeRI at Papertoys, Book and Techno Festival 2011 located in Malang Town Square. I took my hat off for this guy who single hand took the courage to represent PeRI during the event. And below you can see some of the picture during the event, all courtesy by him.

Booth situation during the event with many model displayed.

Some of Gundam paper model that displayed on the booth.

Some of the visitor that visited the booth. Look how interesting they are about this lovely hobby.

And finally took the center at the stage along with other event participant. If you want to know more about this event photos, do visit the Facebook album in here.

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