Oct 3, 2011

Photo Report : PERI @ Yamaha Free Your Soul

On October 2nd 2011, PeRI Bandung held an exhibition in Yamaha Free Your Soul at Gasibu Square in Bandung. And in here below you can see the photo report, courtesy of Dani Hamdani and Kusumah Angga.

Our booth at the event.

Our table display at the booth with some of the paper models.

The display in our booth form the organizer. Pretty one and I think is the best so far when we held an exhibition.

Papertoy Attack in our booth.

The PeRI Bandung team that helped during the event. I don't know all the names, but from the picture I can recognize Dani Hamdani,Idham, Gilang, Kusumah Angga and Yopi Wibisana. Salute to PeRI Bandung for spreading papercraft virus more and more to the people.

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