Dec 12, 2010

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit) - Video Link

For your information who missed our show on O Channel, Antho have recorded the TV show. And you can follow this link for chapter 1 and chapter 2. Please enjoy !!!

And I want to give you the most basic information about me, when you watch the video you might think that I'm a Balinese person, but I'm not. That's was just the way I speak and I'm 100% pure Betawi.


  1. mangstab gan ... 1juta% asli betawi

  2. kagak di ulang lagi ye tayangannya?

  3. @Antho :D
    @sapla Hanya seminggu saja bro, cukup lah jadi artis, temen gw setiap pagi atau malam dah konfirm tuh lihat anak2 PERI di O channel kemaren