Dec 14, 2010

Gundam Extreme VS - LP

For your information, I never played any electronic based on Gundam Universe. But recently BANDAI collaborated with Linkin Park (as one of my favorite rock group) released the GUNDAM Extreme VS. This game featured in HD version, and for the specs and teaser you can check it here.  Actually on November 24th 2010, LP released A Thousand Suns and also embedded with  customized skins Gundam Plastic Model  as you can see in the second picture. For the full news you can check it here.
 I also listed below all the mobile suit from the games that already out in free paper model. If you want to build one of them just check my 4 shared account.
 The names after the MS is the one who pilotted in the games.

Gundam RX 78-2 (Amuro Ray)  
Acguy (Akahana)
Gundam Alex ( Christina Mackenzie)
GP-01Fb Zephyranthes Full Vernian ( Kou Uraki)
Zeta Gundam ( Kamille Bidan)
Hyaku Shiki ( Quattro Bajeena)
Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)Hi-Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)
Gundam F91 ( Seabook Arno)
Strike Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Astray Red Frame ( Lowe Gear)
Strike Freedom Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Destiny Gundam ( Shinn Asuka)

So happy building your own paper model, remember you can plays the game but don't forget to study or work. And as my latest info the latest album is GOOD and worth listening, caused I already listened. Actually I'm listening it now as I wrote this article.

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