Dec 12, 2010

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit)

 The picture above are courtesy of Dikki one of PERI member that took picture when PERI was aired in DKI 15 on O Channel. O Channel was a local TV that covered Jabodetabek area,so only PERI members that lived in those area can watched this show. Actually it was first aired on December 06th 2010, on 12.00 PM, and re run for the whole week after that. Thank you for Dikki for letting me used his pictured in this article.

And for the picture above was the shooting activity that took on my place. The shooting was at night from 7.30 pm till 9 pm in November 26th 2010. Thanks for Christopher, Antho, Yudhie, Imam, Ady Putra and Roy who came and bring their beautiful paper models. The highlight model was a huge Ondel Ondel by Ruang Antho.  Thanks for Ms Ocha from O Channel that contact PERI and gave us the opportunity to tell more people about this lovely hobby.

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