Dec 13, 2010

Boys with Toys

As you can see on the above picture, there was standing on my office desk two of my favorite Gundam Action Figure released by BANDAI under the name Gundam Stand Art. Actually the models have 1:200 scale, so it quite small enough but they managed to maintained all the details and color from bigger action figures.
In the left was my all time favorite mobile suit called MS-18E Kaempfer and on the right was Gundam F91 (Harrison Mardin Custom). And since this is a paper model blog let me inform you, as far as I know there are only one model regarding the Kaempfer and its only the HEAD parts. As for the Gundam F91, you can check it in here, and you can customize the color since in my link the paper model came in the original color piloted  by Seabook Arno.  For the Kaempfer link I think it's already dead, or some one out there can tell me whether there is one designer who distributed Kaempfer paper model freely with whole body from head to toe. 
And as soon as the end of year coming I'm preparing my earn hard cash to hunts more Gundam action figures for my end year gift bonus. I always do this to appreciate my self by buying toys or action figures at the end of the year, just for fun and knowing that my inner child in me never dies. Like what the people always said BOYS WITH TOYS.

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