Sep 29, 2009


Origami Warriors (Taiwanese translation: Origami Fighters, Chinese: 摺紙戰士, Japanese: 折紙戦士, 聖天折紙戦士ドラファラード(仮), Korean: 접지전사.) is a Taiwanese manga series created by Jhou, Sian-Zong (周顯宗) in Ching-Win Publishing (青文出版社), Hong Kong/Taiwan (1990). It appeared as an anime series in Japan and Taiwan in 2005, and in South Korea on January 2006. It airs on Mainichi Broadcasting System in japan,SBS (Korea) in South Korea, and on Chinese Television Service in Taiwan. Origami Warriors merchandise was originally made by Tomy and was released by Nikkei in Japan. The show is about Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, and the legendary Dark Victory. The protagonist and his friends use the origami creations that come to life to fight the Wallpaper Robot Warriors. This show takes place in the setting of Wallpaper Robot, home to humans, anthropomorphic animals, and robots. Using the legendary Origami Warriors, Asia enters a tournament battle. The original look of the Origami Warriors character was based on Wallpaper Robot, but the belt buckle was replaced with a "friend fighter". and next series of Origami Warriors G (Origami-Fighters Generation), make of comic book called by Ching-Win Publishing. All series from Taiwan translate as all viewing to Origami Warriors series release.

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So if you want to teach your children to learn about papercraft hobby why don't you join e\with then watch this Anime Series. It's already aired in Indonesia at SPACE TOON every Monday to Friday at 6.20 PM. So have fun, because I did watch it my 3 years old daughter and she enjoyed it very much, because of that she wants me to built 3 cute character from Cubee Craft.

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