Sep 11, 2009

HAI Coverage : September 07,2009

HAI is one of the oldest and most circulated weekly teens magazine in Indonesia. And because my friend Arif Suseno connection we have been invited to do some coverage about PeRI. The interview took place at Kompas Group Building near my office at Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk. According to Arif the coverage start at 5 PM. Because my office is the nearest from location, I became the first one arrived there (PERTAMAX Yes !!) at 5.15 PM. After that joined with me Antho and his friend Ijul who also a papercrafter. Later I've got a call from Rachmat Budiman (MATE) from HAI that he will be arrived soon because he has to do some coverage first with Sony Ericcson. Number three arrived at the scene is Julius. Before we know it we already waiting at HAI Redaksi. Soon after that is ADZAN MAGHRIB, Alhamdulillah so I can do Buka Puasa. The host gladly served us with some Ice Tea and Gorengan. After I took sholat Maghrib arrived Rauf and Arif and also the reporter MATE.

06.30 PM - 07.30 PM
The interview list of question as far as I can remember was about the material used for papercraft, history about papercraft, how to design and build, basic tools, PeRI history and usual activity. Also about PeRI involvement in papercraft international forum and the reporter also took note about our current job (perhaps for background info) . For the surprise the photographer was Barrack Obama Indonesia (Mas Ilham), and as usual Rauf is very excited about it and ask him to sign on his cutting mat.

07.30 PM -07.45 PM
The photo session maybe took only 15 minutes. Mas Ilham took Rauf and Antho when they begin cutting and scoring in the cutting mat and he also took photo of us with the favorite papercraft design or built model. Before we went home beacuse everybody forget to bring thier camera Antho took a photo of me and Rauf along with Mas Ilham. Because of this incident Rauf proclaimed as Barrack Obama from PeRI.

I went home hitchhiked with Rauf and Arif , because Arif brought his car so I took the opportunity. Alas the traffic road that night was very jammed, that's why I came home at 9 PM.
NB : This coverage will come up in HAI Edition No. 39, after Ied Fitri (Lebaran).

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