Sep 14, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: A. Adiwardhana Widjajanto

First of all the picture above tell you about the story how Adhiwardhana Widjajanto (Adhi) came across with this hobby. First of all he have a lot of money so he decided to buy PSP console game via Internet. But by accident he ended up at Creativity Park Canon ( and Paper Replika ( Soon after that he built his first (actually there are 3) papercraft model : Buldozer Komatsu D155AX, H-II A Rocket and Red TransJakarta. These first models he began to built it a week before Ied Fitri (Lebaran) 2008. He also optimized his 2 weeks holiday for Ied Fitri 2008 to began his second wave of papercraft models starting with Tower Bridge,Arc de Triomphe,Suzuki Swift ( and ARC-170 Fighter (began with this model he also made contact with Julius Perdana as the model designer).

After this papercraft build rally, he began building models when ever he finds the time to do it.
Mostly his models came from Canon (for "best instruction" reason) and Paper Replika (because he wants to be the first to built rare models). He also experienced sabbatical leave from papercraft building around January 2009 due to his office building relocation. But after that he went on again and at least he built one model for a month. Confessed he already addicted to this hobby, try this fact : spent 4 hours on food court Mall to built Densus88 (Black Version) and cutting his mat for Ingram Maintenance Facility while waiting his wife shopping in the market parking lot. He already succeed spreading this papercraft virus to his father and brother in law (although he output he seems doesn't know for sure). His model became the majority when Paper Replika was invited to Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif 2009 (August 7-9, 2009) and that was when I first met him. He did this to encourage himself and to spread more papercraft virus.

His Masterpiece model was ARC-170 Fighter because he said it was the most difficult model for beginner. And for AV 98 Ingram (Patlabor) he built it with so much high spirit because Patlabor was his best anime from his childhood till now. When asked if he wants to became a commercial builder he would gladly do it. But not in order to pursue the amount of money, but to show to everyone else that this hobby can make some extra money too. And lastly you will not believe that his education background was from Electric Techno in Computer, but when asked if he wants to become a papercraft designer he seems doesn't want to think it seriously right now, maybe because he already reach the age 35 and have to manage time wisely to take care his family and two kids.

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