Sep 8, 2009

Paper for Papercraft

As I already mentioned on my previous post, PAPER is the most essential material for this hobby.
For this post I will explain more about how many types of paper we usually used and some tips and tricks to choose and buy the best paper for your own model.

HVS A4 100 gsm
This kind of paper usually used to make Papertoy and simple Papercraft model. You can find it at your local bookstore. One tip for you is to choose the best price and make sure to test the thickness of the paper by your own finger.

Concorde A4 160 gsm
Many papercraft builder I've known choose this paper as their best paper for making more complicated model than Papertoy. Usually this kind of paper is good to make Mechas (robots) model and many other things. The thickness is just feel right for this paper and you don't have to worry to bend it because if you make rounded segment.

Sketch Paper A4 120 gsm
This is my personal favorite for making Mechas model or simple Papertoy. I bought it at my own local bookstore under Rp 10,000 for a book contain 50 sheets. Very cheap indeed.

Matte Paper A4 100 gsm
If you want the color own your Papercraft model to look very shiny and bright use this paper. It brings up all the goodness in your model after you finished it.

Glossy Photo Paper 200 gsm
I already tried this kind of paper for my first Mechas model (Gundam F91). And it looks really cool and brigs up all the color in my model. I recommended for Mechas model or even Military model such as Tanks and Aircrafts.

Never print your papercraft pattern on Laser Jet printer, based on my own and many of my friends experiences if you scored the pattern it will break up the color alongside the scoring lines and made your built model really ugly.
This printing tips may apply vary from one Laser Jet brand to another, so it doesn't apply to all Laser Jet Printer

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