Sep 10, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) 1st Official Gathering

AT Plaza Semanggi on September 5th 2009, me and my friend have the first Paper Replika Indonesia (PeRI) gathering. In this gathering also that the PeRI name have been choose as our community name. From the picture above shows you some of the PeRI member. From left to right are : Antho (antkhokd), Arif Suseno (cerebrave), Julius Perdana (julescrafter), Rauf(kentutmania), Liem Kou Phing (88ping), Rizky Feriansyah (tekzo) + wife,Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul (jalokx) and Imam (ichigo190).
The one who took the picture is Adhiwarhana (tim_adhi). I don't have my picture taken because this picture was taken after I left the gathering at 5 PM ( I did this caused on the same day I have Buka Bersama event with my high school alumnus).
On this gathering we discuss the Community official Name and address (which is temporary at Julius house in Gandul, Depok) and brainstorming our ideas about IndoComtech 2009 events.
The gathering runs quite well, because the result is very interesting and many good ideas came up for our events. After this gathering we can finally make our proposal draft for the sponsorship and Dyandra as the event organizer of IndoComtech 2009.

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