Sep 9, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: RAUF

White Dragon soar high !! The picture above is designed by Japanese papercraft and built by RAUF as one of the Papercraft Builder from Actually he is the one who started the forum and we usually called him TS (Thread Starter). His first model was taken from Majalah Kreatif Smurf back from 1996, and he built Gargamel House from that magazine.
As for the common model (downloaded from the web) he started it from 2004. As an addict builder he confessed to me that he sometimes cut and score papercraft pattern in a public transportation (such as bus, train or even urban city transport/Angkot). But he will never do this on ojek motorbike he said it was too dangerous. For the last update actually he already tried this one also on the aircraft on his way to Makassar his hometown for the upcoming Ied Fitri. Right now at the age 24 his next target is to become a Commercial Papercraft Builder, he said that is a waste not to used your good talents for making money. From his experiences, Epson Truck Trailer was his masterpiece. Because this model contained with clear instruction and very good details, and he also said that is harder to built papercraft from Indonesian designer rather than International designer. Believe it or not his education background came from Teknologi Pangan dan Gizi IPB.

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