Sep 24, 2009

Papercraft Types and Models

For those of you who early in this hobby you might be wondering about Papercraft types and models. I will explain it to you as per below description.

It's the terms for papercraft models which consist about one till three pages of pattern with simple design. This type of models can be build by simply putting together all the flaps (i.e. Cubeecraft models) or a combination between putting all the flaps and little glue (i.e. Salazad models). It really suits for the beginner and attracts children who wants to experiment with paper without the hustle to build difficult models. Estimated time to build the models about 30 minutes till 1 hour.

This kind of papercraft usually consist with pattern that will allow you to build the models that can be move by simple engineering activity (i.e. rolling or spinning). For example of this Papercraft you can see at special section on automata in here. Estimated time to build the models range from 1 hour to 2 hour.

This type of models usually takes on robots and mechas for their main objective. Many Gundam mechas usually designed by Japanese or South Korean designer takes on this type of models. Usually the pattern consist about 4 till 15 pages and have higher difficulty from Papertoy or Automata Papercraft. From my personal experiences if you want to built it right you can spend almost 2 weeks time.

As already known from the names this type of models take on almost any military object. You named it and almost any designer already released their model about it. From tanks, aircraft plane,war ship planes, armored vehicle, rocket launcher,submarines till military figure or soldier like Paper Soldier. This type of models need little more attention and range of difficult is about the same with SD Papercraft. But for war ship planes the difficulty rates above all other papercraft models. As I can tell from my experiences this type of models may consist flaps or non flaps in its pattern. For aircraft plane models it's even consist inner frame to make better models.
So if you already experienced many types of papercraft models I suggest you should try military papercraft, because it's very challenging and time consuming, but in the end the built models worth every effort you put in it.

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