Oct 4, 2009

Betawi Traditional ART : ONDEL-ONDEL

The picture abve was my latest Papercraft creation. In there you will find Ondel- Ondel Lelaki and 100K Rupiah paper Money. The Ondel-Ondel pattern I got it from my friend as a fellow papercraft designer and you can download it through his site in here. And for the paper money I got it from paper-replika.com. For more information on Ondel-Ondel as Betawi Traditional Art, you can check the explanation by Wiki Indonesia in here. As for your information Ondel Ondel consist of Ondel-Ondel Lelaki (Male) and Ondel Ondel Perempuan (Female). I already made for both of gender, but only for the Male I have the opportunity to take the picture. The picture above taken form my friend camera. Thanks ANTHO.


  1. wow,, nice info! keep writing bro!

  2. bo abo, del ondelnya serem banget. ngak kayak yang bikinnya cakep. :p
    nice job bro. kalo bisa sih del ondelnya sepasang, baru cucok

  3. Ya bro, sudah sepasang sih di kantor ntar pas kopdar dibawa deh sekalian numpang foto sepasang he he he