Oct 11, 2009

Cutting Papertoy Ondel Ondel from Jakarta to Bandung

The picture above will tell you about my little story went I go to Bandung on October 10th 2009. The tools that I brought from my home are : Cutter Pen and two tweezers. This article is to encourage all of papercraft builder that you can also cut your Papertoy pattern while on the bus or even in urban mode transportation (Angkot).

6.15 AM
Went straight from home to Bus Way shelter at Kebon Jeruk which is located in front of Kompas Gramedia building. I only paid Rp 2,000 for Bus Way fare because its cheaper before 7 AM.
6.38 AM
The bus arrived and I'm on my way to Lebak Bulus Terminal in South Jakarta.
6.59 AM
Arrived at Lebak Bulus Terminal
7.05 AM
I choose the bus to Bandung which is Prima Jasa and have my breakfast with omelet along with a bottle of fresh green tea. The fare from Jakarta to Bandung is Rp 45,000 and I got my self an Executive Economy Bus with AC but no TOILET.
7.20 AM
Off from Lebak Bulus terminal and begin cutting my Papertoy pattern
(I choose Ondel Ondel in A4 version).
8.15 AM
Arrive at Rest Area KM 39 Cikampek Highway and already finished cutting my Male Ondel Ondel pattern.
9.30 AM
Arrive at Padalarang and I finished my rest (Sleeping on the Bus)
10 AM
Arrive at Bandung in Terminal Leuwi Panjang.
10.30 AM
Began cutting Ondel Ondel Female pattern on Angkot to Soreang from Terminal Leuwi Panjang
It's hot and the traffic is killing me but I'm just enjoying it, rather to get angry with the traffic.
11 AM
Finished cutting Female Ondel Ondel pattern around SMA ANGKASA in Sulaiman Airport Complex at Margahayu.
11.45 AM
Arrived at my destination to meet my wife and daughter at Pesantren Persis 34 Soreang.

Along the journey I can share you this simple tips and tricks. Use 3 S (Steady, Slowly, Sure). Be steady while doing it but you have to be sure when cutting it and do it slowly because you don't want to ruin your papermodel don't you ??

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