Oct 9, 2009

Simple Papermodel Tips

While Cutting Your Parts :
Use your cutter pen to cut all the parts, get your hand to feel the movement of the cutter pen. Remember Practices makes Perfect. One tips for me if you are a beginner in this hobby used both cutter pen and scissor, you can use scissor for the round or curve parts. From my experience I also use scissor to tidy up my parts after cut by cutter pen.

While Doing Your Scoring :
Use the back tip of your cutter pen or cutter to make scored along the lines. Don't use a ruler if the parts is small. Use the ruler if only the parts is far too long. Use only iron ruler, if you used plastic ruler the result will be a mess because your cutter pen can do damage to the plastic.

While Assembling Your Parts :
Don't over use the glue, the parts will get more sticky and you will find it hard to adjust it if you made a mistake along the way. After you already assembled the parts, use cotton bud and damped it little water and used it to cleaned the left over glue in your model. After this you can do it with the cotton bud but with no water. Remember if you print your patterns with Inkjet printer I recommend you skip the process with damped cotton bud and go straight with dry cotton bud.

After The Model is Finish :
You can spray it with clear acrylic lacquer spray paint, you cand find it in your Local Workshop Store ask for P***X brand with code 128 Clear or RJ L****N. Put your model in Acrylic Box or Mica Box, for Mica Box Tutorial you can check page one on papermodel.tk

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