Oct 21, 2009

Papercraft Designer Profile : Moch Faisal Azad

Moch. Faisal Azad a.k.a Salazad is a Papercarft designer from Bandung,Indonesia. He began to enter papercraft world around 2005 just by downloading and built some model from the internet. His first built papercraft was ASTRO BOY by Japanese designer. He began learning papercraft design around 2008 and till now he still exploring in order to make a better one sheet technique design. As you notice from the picture above that his papertoy design is built around Indonesian culture, such as Reog Ponorogo,Gatot Kaca and Cepot (and this is his first design). When asked why ? He simply said that he want to make his design look unique and to add more value whether is from culture background or shape. Belive it or not his educational background is Management, and he proud to say that he already spread papercraft virus from his family to his co worker. And last but not least he is still single at age 31. For his achievement in papercraft you can see the details below :

Grinspoon - Comeback (Music Video) - Australia (September 04,2009)
CreatiFest w/ SMU 7 JKT (Seven Lattern Crew) - Pendopo Kemang - Jakarta (August 09,2009)
Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif w/ Paper Replika - Indonesia (August 07,2009)
Kidz Magz-Magazine, Indonesia (July 10,2009)
II Love #2 - E-Book,Croatia, Marko Zubak (June 26,2009)
Semar, Ever so Smartly - Book - Indonesia, Gregory Churchill (June 05,2009)
Provocative Day - Jakarta, Provoke Magz & Binus International (May 16,2009)
Luna Magazine # 16 - Germany (Summer 2009)
Arts & Crafts Workshop - Parahyangan University Bandung w/ Gilbhas and Sasha (April 20,2009)
Paper Toy & Pop- Out Show- Pink Hobo Gallery Minneapolis U.S. ( April 18,2009)

For those of you who want to visit his website, just visit salazad.com/smile.

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