Oct 17, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile : Ario Fitrianto

For those of you PeRI member that wonder who is Ario Fitrianto ?? His nickname in our thread is k4k45h1. And I got my self a little interview by FB message with him. Still young at early 20's,currently a college guy and still preparing his final assignment at IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor). He began to know papercraft when he found Gundam Hazel and Gundam MK V PDO file at his friends flash disk. FYI,PDO file is the file that you use to built papercraft model. It stands for Pepakura Document Opener (pepakura is the way Japanese people said for papercraft). Ok back to the topic. His first built papercraft model was two cute cat that you can see here right below his post. For his masterpiece papercraft he said maybe his Modified Gunwalker (above picture). For his achievement in papercraft he almost entered his Wall E papercraft for Chibi Matsuri event held by Onigiri but unfortunately he missed the deadline. He proudly say that he already spread "papercraft virus" to his college friends and cousins.

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