Oct 23, 2009

Paper Model Packing Tutorial

Here are the simple Papercraft Packing Tutorial for those of you who wants to bring your papermodel for PeRI Gathering or even long trip journey like my self to Bandung. The above picture show about my packing during my visit to Bandung. You can easily follow these 3 steps. Starting from the last picture to the first one.

1. Put Your Papercraft inside a carton packages
According how big or how many your model are you can simply use an carton packages. Wheter it small or big. In this case I use a big one cause I bring many papermodel with me as agift for my family in Bandung. Always used a separator between model. And after that stuffed it with shredded paper form old newspaper in order to make the model still and do not contact with others to avoid any damages.

2. Put Another Level of Security
In my case because the carton box is rather big after I put my model on the package I also put another shredded paper above the model till the box full with shredded paper that acts as a cushion also to avoid any further damage along the trip.

3. Voila, your packing is ready and good to GO
After that you can seal your packing by using any home seal tape. And please remember no matter how good your packing are, ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF THIS PACKAGE GENTLY.

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