Oct 19, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) 2nd Official Gathering

On October 17th 2009 from 10 AM till 3 PM at Plaza Semanggi Food Court, PeRI held its 2nd Official Gathering. The main event is to continue our preparation for IndoComtech events. So the above picture is the selected logo for Paper Replika Indonesia. The logo have been selected by voters that visit paper-replika.com. And moving to the next parts, in this gathering almost 20 people shows up. The main reason is that around 2 PM PeRI also had an interview by Planet Remaja ANTV. So there are many models that the builder brought for this gathering and the flagship model for this gathering is Vespa Scooter by Dikki (nong dike). For high resolution picture you can visit ADHI Gallery. Also for those of you who wants to read the field report, you can visit his note in here.

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