Oct 24, 2009

Papercraft Designer Profile : Yudho Wiratomo

Yudho Wiratomo (Yuthdaw) is the one who designed Tugu Monument in Yogyakarta. This is his latest design in papercraft, his first design was M1A1 Abrams. He knew papercraft since he was 4th grader. From Majalah Angkasa he built F-16 as his first papercraft. Although he still doing his Final Assigment for Universitas Gadjah Mada major in Geophysics, he still manage to learnt papercraft design. Black Pearl ship from the motion picture The Pirates of Caribbean : Curse of The Black Pearl was his masterpiece papercraft as you seen above. The other one was Sagres II from Canon Papercraft and 1/6 Scale SWAT Team from julescrafter.com.
His favorite papercraft designer is Julius Perdana form paper-replika.com, because all his model was great design and FREE TO DOWNLOAD. He already engaged with his girlfriend and prepared to get married soon. And his girlfriend already effected by his papercraft virus, also his friends and younger brother.

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